Friday, 30 July 2010

Thankgoodness for celebrity TV weddings!

Came home tonight to do a rare Okaasan and Oyomesan dinner as Yujiro is working late bicyle taxi driving at the Sapporo Beer Festival.
Okaasan was home. Dinner was easy to throw together (fish, soup,vegetables and rice)...and...and tonight there is a long rambling TV special all about the kabuki actor who married a TV announcer.

Okaasan was glued to it as I prepared dinner and then I got her to the table and opened up the dividing door between her room and the kitchen, so we sat with our food at the table and watched the wedding stuff while eating. A relaxed TV dinner.
Perfect. No real converasation necessary. Just "Oooh" and "Ahh" occasionally as the super rich couple paraded their wealth on a tacky TV show for the about a sop to keep the underlings down! Never mind the collapsing health care system or the impending 10% tax rise - let's just look at a TV announcer wearing miles of Chantily lace and her sweaty actor beau.

Perfect.Thankgoodness for a celeb wedding on TV.:-))
Maybe I could tape it and manage to slip it on the Tv any time I have to entertain Okaasan alone...she probably won't remember she's already watched it...

AND! Today I made my Curves gym debut. Got in for a session at lunchtime, luckily yesterday's trainer was on duty and she guided me once round the circuit of body felt so slow and out of sync. Doing anything with the left leg or bending the knee was scary. Even doing some of the stretches was hard.
I so need to be doing this!

So... all in all... a good day...I think.

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