Monday, 2 August 2010

Dear Okaasan, don't get negative...

Dear Okaasan,

Today your darling boy and that woman-who-can't-cook are out at work.

Today is Hula Dance class. It starts at 1 pm. The teacher invited you to join the Dance Performance last month, but you decided to cancel joining.
1.  There is rice and instant mis soup
2. There is main course under the food cover.
3.  Put the rice in the microwave for about 2 minutes


Ahhh...this guy is trying so hard! Instead of his usual: "Let it be, don't talk about it" he is actually being pro-active and stepping in to avert trouble before it happens.

This was the letter from son to mum on the kitchen table this morning...sort of translated by me.....
And it worked! Maybe.
I just came home and she isn't here.
It's Monday afternoon and she is out...did she go to Hula dance class?

We wait to see.


  1. and please tell me he didn't put the woman who can't cook :D

  2. Well no...but if he had she would have known which woman he was talking about!