Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm Not Fat - It's Just My Ovary.

One of my ovaries is about 20 cm in diameter...pushing all my inside bits around.

Today I had a gyno-check (MAJOR STRESS I HATE THEM!) and blood test. And sat and waited for hours with a good friend in the hospital.

Next Tuesday I have an MRI and then next Friday the results all come together and the doctor decides what to do about it.

So. That's the bald facts.

I'm not scared. Very strange to think this thing is inside me. It looks huge. But the gyno scrape-around and the blood taking was all far operation to remove an ovary they knock you out right? You don't know about it? And there is a small chance it is cancerous. Climb THAT when we get to it.
And I feel fine now. Doctor said I can continue at Curves working out gently. Continue eating and drinking.
I emailed my step-aunt and told her. Leave it to her whether the tell my step-mum or not. They are having their own problems this week with a big debate about what to do with my step-mum's care..home or carers...or nursing home...

Of MORE concern for me immediatly is getting the money sorted out to pay for joining the Japanese Health Insurance System. About 800,000 Yen....can be paid in installements, but looking around my finances for that a bit. Can't get money from the Uk because the exchange rate is bad....will scrape it together here.

Time for wine.


  1. Hello Oyome-san. I have been lurking for a while and thought what better time to de-lurk than to comment on your ovarian cyst.
    I have had a ovarian cyst removed before. I was in terrible pain and thought I was going to die, so they operated immediately. I'm pretty sure you will get a laproscapy which isn't too invasive and they will knock you out for it - if they don't, scream blue murder until they do. The worst part is afterwards as it knocks you about for a good week or so before you feel normal again.

    Good luck with your surgery, and with getting your health insurance sorted out.

  2. TWENTY CENTIMETRES??? That's like six inches across! No wonder you have been feeling weird and bloated. I am so happy that you went to the hospital soon after noticing symptoms. I'll be keeping things crossed for you during the MRI and wishing for good, simply fixed things to be diagnosed.

  3. Hi Shufuinjapan - welcome to delurking!
    About a month ago I had a big rich, French dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday - pigged out morning I was on the kitchen floor in agony....I guess my insides were all pushed up against eachother...
    so now...being VERY careful....
    BUT! Costume Party to celebrate the end of the Sapporo Beer Festival tomorrow night - I have to get it together to go wear my Union Jack dress....gonna be an Austin Powers Babe!
    Yeah Baby...Groovy!

  4. Well, you know there is a problem now, as do the doctors. Hopefully it'll be taken care of quickly. The waiting until you find out will be hard, but it sounds like the party tomorrow night will help kill some of the time! Enjoy it (and post pics of the dress please!!!)

  5. Yeah, I've had the same as shufuinjapan, I had a laproscopy to remove ovarian cysts previously. It's usually a day surgery, they make a keyhole cut in your belly button and in your pubic area. Then they usually fill you up with gas so they can see what they are looking at. The stitches hurt and keep you off your feet for a couple of weeks after while they heal, I found the gas is a really bad part of it because sometimes it gets stuck up near your shoulders and stuff while it is trying to get out of your body. Overall, a not too bad experience if it's only a one-off. :) Fingers crossed it's over soon.

  6. The gas gets stuck up round your shoulders??? really?
    Like they pump the stuff in = I hate to think through where - and then it seeps around inside you?
    Oh gross....

    I hope the keyhole cut they knock you out completly? I don't want anyone cutting around my body with my top half being fully aware and full of imagination....

  7. Hi again, I can't remember the gas up round my shoulders but I definitely remember having very painful gas and having a good fart was the only way it felt better. Unfortunately I was still in hospital at that time in a room with 5 other people...trying to cover up the sound was tough!!
    There is some medication they can give you to help with it though.

  8. Wow! Miss a couple of posts and you go get yourself a big ovarian cyst! That is a huge size to be in there pushing against all your bits. Good you went in and got checked out and the wheels are turning to have surgery and get it removed and your life back to normal.

    Thinking of you tomorrow for your MRI and hoping everything goes smoothly and that you don't have gas up round your shoulders. big fart sounds like much better option.

    Hugs from Kunimi.

  9. Yeah, sometimes the gas builds up and ends up near your shoulders, I guess you have to be unlucky for that to happen but my sister and a friend also had that happen to them. But we all had it done in Aus, so maybe it's different in Japan. Either way the gas wherever it is, is pretty painful. I found a nice hot heat bag and a couple of panadol did the trick.