Thursday, 19 August 2010

My melon.

Here are two melons.
Which one do highclass Tokyo hotels pay vast amounts for every spring to cheer up a former-coal mining town that's gone bankrupt?
And which one is an unwelcome guest in my life?
Quiet day yesterday really.
We went out early to get the car fixed - not the fanbelt in the end, but some other essential mechanical bit that luckily only cost us \14,000.
Apart from that, watched some Glee episodes on TV, had a cheap curry buffet lunch at Sapporo Factory (for me to "go easy" at a buffet is a novelty, but every bite I took I imagined the food trying to find space in my crowded abdomen) and then the confusing Leo di Caprio movie Inception. Also went to the post office and paid \180,000 PLUS \ 44,000 PLUS \88,000 as the payments-I-can/must- do now for my Japanese Health Insurance. Since I sent off a cheque for the United Kingdom Health Insurance last week for about $1,000.....I am feeling skint.

We got home about 4.30 pm and hung out on the front doorstep with beers and snacks. Normal things are SO good when life is full of Big Things.
But after that I felt tired. I'd had mild backache all afternoon. I went to bed and basically stayed there....missed dinner...Okaasan didn't want any by 8.30 pm we were ALL asleep...I was awake during the night with slight pains in my left lower abdomen. I walked around the dark house breathing deeply and wondering it this was the lunch curry fighting for space or something worse.

And onwards to Friday and Results.


  1. *crosses everything* stay strong dear! Kelly x

  2. I'm sending you all my positive vibes for tomorrow. I'll be there in spirit wishing for the best outcome.
    Psychic hugs
    Heather x