Thursday, 12 August 2010

My turn for hospital...........

I have something wrong.
Maybe something near/in my right ovary.
Maybe an ovarian cyst?

I've spent about 3 hours at the hospital today with Yujiro. Had a CT scan that shows "something" large near my ovary. Have to go back tomorrow to the Women's Section.
Worried like shit. Drinking wine. Websurfing with panic.

Okaasan is fine. I have hardly seen her in the past two days cos I was out with friends two evenings and she was asleep on Monday night after going to hula dance.

The kittens haven't been good, so we took them to the vets this morning. Now we have medicine to try and get down their little, teeth-lined mouths...

And then. I faced up to MY  nagging problem from the past 3 weeks...I've had a bloated, hard, balloon-like stomach. Irregular bowel movements. Abdomninal pain.
I thought it was maybe a worm infection from the cats and their toilet box. I had something like that a few years ago. I was putting off Doing Something.
Typhoon-rain stopped Yujiro working today. I'm on holiday for 4 days. Let's go to the hospital.

A nice woman doctor who was certainly young enough to be my daughter poked and prodded. Yes, my abdomen in strange. Please go to the CT scan. Yikes??? Not on Japanese health insurance? Some private insurance thing? Yikes? Will the insurance pay for all the tests? Bugger it - let's do what has to be done today for Y20,000 and put the pending Joining the Japanese Health Insurance System on fastrack to cover what may come next.

CT Scan. On a bed in a big grey donut-like machine. Breath in. Hold it. Look at flashing lights.

Back to the doctor. I can't make head or tail of a CT image. But she and the nurse and Yujiro can see a large "something" that shouldn't be there, pushing my bladder up. Causing bloating and pain. No wonder.
Please come back tomorrow and see the Women's Problems doctors.

So then. Ward Office. Fast Track the Insurance System Application. My private insurance for foreigners working abroad, which I've had for years, runs out September 8th. Was tossing up about joining this year anyway before the Japanese Government make it mandatory. Now REALLY need it.
Will have to pay TWO years backpayments. About \800,000. Yes. \800,000. Installments ok.

Drive home via Seicomart. Now on the second glass of wine. A Japanese friend is going to come tomorrow and hold my hand and language failings.

Bugger it.
GOnna be a lot of Glee on TV tonight and the rest of the Seicomart wine.


  1. Will cross my fingers and hold a good thought for you. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Good luck. Ovary things are never pleasant...I'm hoping for your sake it's a cyst that can be removed through a laproscopy and not something more serious. (hugs) x

  3. Seicomart has pretty good wine & Glee is so much fun! I know you'll be feeling better soon!