Monday, 2 August 2010

Rainy Sunday

Rained all day....Hokkaido is entering the Tropics.
We all stayed home in the mornng and did stuff...Yujiro and his Hangover, TV, kittens, housework, translation checking...

I got old newspapers and supermarket boxes out of Okaasan's room with her agreement. This time she didn't claim to be keeping boxes for Something Important and willingly gave them up - even showing me how to kung-fu kick the sealed end of the box open! I let her show me how to Correctly Tie Up a Pile of Old Newspapers (there IS a way you know, I think there are ranks and maybe a National Association of Newspaper Tie Uppers...).

Had a little Oyomesan vs Okaasan moment about who might take Yujiro's wedding suit dress shirt to a dry cleaners - I should have let her offer to do it, instead I said: no! no! it's ok....he can decide where he takes it himself etc...and Okaasan looked a bit surprised that I was letting a guy worry about dry cleaning. It doesn't matter at all of course - and it would have been a good thing to let her feel useful, she was just doing a motherly/woman thing for her son...but I didn't want to get into the whole drycleaning shop/money/ticket/pick-it-up-in-a-week scenario....and anyway, Yujiro is more than capable of doing his own dry cleaning.

In the afternoon I escaped with a friend to a tea shop and an exhibition of the Treasures of Pompei at the museum downtown, and came home with a box of sushi for Okaasan's dinner.
Then Yujiro and I walked - WALKED!!!!!- down to the subway station together and had a quiet dinner date in a local chicken-on-sticks restaurant.
Really my walking is getting better and better....I feel I can live again.

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