Thursday, 23 September 2010

Good news.

Good news: but I'll make this short because I want to shuffle back over the road to my bed again.

1)  Dr. Bedside Manner Zero says the tumor is NOT cancerous. So, this time in life I am very, very lucky.
2) I will leave hospital tomorrow for 9 days of very gentle life.
I will probably stay here at my English classroom for the first night because everything is on the same floor. A nurse showed me yesterday to get down and into and then out of and up from a futon on the floor.
Okaasan goes to Saitama on Saturday morning for the family wedding - she is away 2 nights - and so THEN when she is away I will move home and actually sleep in her room on her sofa - near the toilet etc. Hope I can find the sofa under all her junk.
By the time she comes back on Monday I hope I am stronger to do the stairs - or maybe i'll fall back on that peeing in the trash box idea again and actually live upstairs.

The stairs and the toilet is a useful excuse for why I don't have to go home Friday night and do that boring old family dinner round the kitchen table....I can stay quietly here at my classroom and order in a deliver dinner.
Then Saturday I will really go home and Yujiro and I will be able to run ...slolwy... round the house naked and eat - a VERY small - amount of cheese fondue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I want to see my pussy cats...very, very much.

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