Friday, 3 September 2010

Nope....operation on schedule....

Size doesn't matter.
It may be should still come out.
September 15th is still All Systems GO!

We spent a few hours at the hospital, going from section to section to get the pre-op tests done and to confirm that my heart, lungs, blood etc are all super-fit.
Then in to see the doctor - who is herself alarmingly large as she is due to give birth any minute now I should guess - and she said that while it's great that it may be a bit smaller and things are more comfortable in my should still come out because it won't disappear completley however many Christians are praying or however little food I am eating according to a J-guru.
I did know that really. My hopes for a downgrading to a laproscoptomy were just hopes and dreams...from all my web-surfing and talking to retired nurses I understood that a tumor this size doesn't just vanish.

So. I should be glad that my last week of freedom I am feeling fine. Feeling strong and healthy actually. The knee is good. The stomach is fat and I don't think an ordinary bra will fit. But, I can go to Saitama tomorrow and say goodbye to Flemming with old friends....

* Okaasan News: the old "the hula-dance-class-people-paranoia" is back. She said to Yujiro today that she doesn't want to go to the September 11th dance event because...."they didn't invite me to the last event, so why should I go to this event!". He had to start all over again, reassuring her that they DID invite her to that event in the summer, but SHE had decided not to go etc etc etc......once a negative idea has taken hold in Okaasan's brain it just lodges in there somewhere and rears up again.....

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