Monday, 4 October 2010

Rejoining life.

Monday morning.
Time to get back on the hamster wheel.
Back to work today.

I feel ok. I guess. We'll see.

My body is getting stronger and I can bend and stretch more. But the huge waves of exhaustion come over me still.

Saturday I had one private lesson at my classroom, a new student who is is tranferring over to me from the community center classes. It is great to finally have a real conversation with her after years of being in a big group class. So I wanted to meet her.
The classtime was fine.
But after...I went downtown by subway to meet a Uni Spagetti for Ladies Foot Care and a coffee. The salon in the department store was busy, so we had to walk two blocks to another salon. Sit down for the wonderful footcare treatment, and then two blocks back. Buy some food for family dinner, and then a block to a coffee shop. Uni Spagetti carried my bag for me because she is a caring, wonderful person.
I was knackered.
Just doing that.
I came home and went striaght to bed. Left Yujiro to cook dinner.
Felt exhausted.

Sunday I just stayed home and  did a few things. My accounts. hunting for shipping companies on the Internet. Gave Okaasan her lunch (but didn't eat with her, I slipped down to KFC in the car and bought a box lunch for myself! BAD Oyomesan!!)...TV, book, sofa, entertaining cats.

And today. Back to work.
I have to drive 40 minutes to the suburbs. Teach two 90 minute classes, but small groups so I can sit down most of the class. After that I have a private lesson at a student's home - but I've told her that if the community center classes exhaust me I'll call her at lunchtime and cancel. She is understanding. Monday night students are taking a break till November too.
I can be back on the sofa by about 3.30 pm. Or by 2 pm if my condition isn't good.

It's wonderful that I'm being supported by community center managers and students in a gentle return to work. But, it can't be TOO gentle because I actually NEED to earn money!!!I am only paid if I stand in a classroom, I don't get a salary or sick pay. So after 3 weeks now of no work, I need to work.

Hoping it'll go ok.


  1. will be good for your brain getting back into work. Hope the transition back goes well. Don't over do it or I may be forced to come all the way up to bloody Hokkaido to strap you to that couch.

  2. Definitelyy so, but don't overdue it. You'll just be back to zero again if you do. Hang in there.