Friday, 1 October 2010

A shadow of myself.

"She's a shadow of herself" is a phrase in English - usually means someone is thinner, weaker, less able than before.

I feel all of that.

I am making baby steps towards reentering my working life: I went into my classroom yesterday and called students about starting classes. I vacumned the room. I actually had one class today. I confirmed with the community centers that I am basically back in work next week.
I have even started thinking ahead to England: researching shipping companies on the Internet and thinking how to get the sunflowers painting back to Japan.

But it's all a big effort.
Thinking about timetables, substitute teachers, classes and textbooks.

I'd rather climb back on the sofa and read the book a student gave me in hospital: fittingly Eat, Pray, Love - the book that new Julia Roberts movie is based on, about a New York woman finding happiness.
So. That's what I am doing.
Not much.

* Okaasan meanwhile, bless her many little cotton socks, ......I came back at 11.30 am from my one class, ready to make her lunch. She'd done it herself! Well, actually just taken the pickled fish and rice she'd bought yesterday out of the fridge and eaten it. But for her quite a feat - she had actually REMEMBERED buying the stuff, and come mid-morning had opened the fridge and decided to eat it.
So I could leave her alone and retreat upstairs with bread and cheese.
To continue doing not much.

I'm tired.


  1. hopefully a pedicure and karaoke session will genki you up - followed by oyomesan meets the couch :D

  2. hey gives me warm fuzzy feelings to read your support...

    this morning feels better again...these mood swings...

    Last night I cheated and ordered in pizza, made salad and soup for Okaasan and I to have for dinner (Yujiro had a work party)...and I sat there with her and let her go round and round and round with the same conversations....

    then I went back to the sofa...