Tuesday, 5 October 2010

This and That...and sofa.

* Dr. Zero Bedside Manner had a good poke around inside me today and says all looks well - come back in January please. I came home and celebrated with coffee and chocolate cake. And lay down on the sofa.

* Went off to teach 2 classes in the afternoon, but the second class didn't get enough sign-ups, so it was just an easy one class. Yujiro drove me out there and then he enjoyed himself with the COSTCO member's card.

* Came home to find: OH HORROR!!!! On the carpet upstairs...a wing, a foot...some feathers!!!!! OH HORROR! We are sure it is Popo, because he spends every waking moment in Bug Hunting Mode. Well, he is grading up....I hoped he might not notice birds till next spring. I was wrong.

* Dinner with Okaasan. Easy COSTCO pizza...but oh wow...the conversation...it just went round and round and round...pretty bad and all mixed up: pizza/Macdonalds first opened in Japan/ The Ginza/Nihonbashi/pizza/she married/pizza/ first Macdonalds in Japan/husband gave her money for food and she bought pizza/Nihonbashi/pizza/Mexico/ate pizza....AGHHH!!!!! Yujiro and I chewed are way through dinner, making vague sounds in Okaasan's direction...it was MIND-NUMBINGLY BORING....I can't tell you.....
After two slices she said she didn't want anymore - maybe I ate something when I went for a walk? - so we ate some more, then started clearing the table and wrapping up the left over pizza.
"Is there any more pizza? I'd like some more...."

I don't know how anyone living alone with a dementia sufferer keeps going, I really don't. At least with two of us listening to all of this we can just smile and make meaningless chat...and then finally escape upstairs....

Okaasan's spent 3 days inside because of the rain. Today she was more active: doing laundry and went for a walk. But her brain seems to have conjealed.

Maybe Popo should take her out bird hunting...it might give her some much needed activity.

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  1. I had to laugh at Okaasan's conversation.... geesh..where have I heard THAT before...unfortunately for you two to have to listen to it day in and day out...
    Congrats on the good bill of health! Now you can enjoy that concert...
    Pizza sounds good at the moment... give me some! LOL....