Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The working world...

Oh I think not.
No thankyou.
I'll just pop back on the sofa with a good book.

But I did.
Drove the 40 minutes, sat upright for two 90-minute classes, then sat upright for another hour, drove home again.
Lay on the sofa for 2 hours to recover.

It is AMAZING how even sitting upright takes stomach muscles to do it. I could feel my muscles by lunchtime...like I'd overdone stomach crunches in one of those burst of get-in-shape-madnesses.

So. I am glad it was only two group classes and a private on a nice, big comfy sofa (my dear student, who I've known for years, even suggested I lay out on her sofa!! But I think that is going a little too far to charge someone for a lesson when the teacher is flat out on the sofa....).

AND. Another dear student (I think I have a cluster here) gave me ikura (salmon eggs) that she'd prepared, so family dinner was easy - just rice and soup and a little salad. Instant dinner.;-))

Okaasan has been stuck inside for 2 days because of the rain...her conversations are very repetitive at the moment, and she has some ongoing worry that she didn't buy a souvenir in Tokyo when she went for the wedding...and that everyone in hula dance class will know she went to Tokyo...and she doesn't have a souvenir...and everyone in the hula  class knows she went to Tokyo...and she didn't buy a souvenir...but everyone in the hula dance class will expect a souvenir, but when she went to Tokyo she didn't buy a souvenir for the hula dance class, and they all know she went to Tokyo.....(repeat for 15 minutes).

WE are going to Tokyo on Thursday - ****for the ADAM LAMBERT concert*** - I will get there in any shape, even if Yujiro has to fireman lift me into the hall...maybe we should buy some box of seaweed/sweet bean cakes at the airport and give them to Okaasan to give to her hula class.

I worry about the Tokyo trip, because it will be tiring. But it was arranged  ages ago and I am determined to go. And can you believe this?...Yujiro called the JCB Hall yesterday to say I had just had an operation and wouldn't be able to stand for a 2 hour concert, could I have a seat please. They said - just come and ask at the door! No handicapped reserved seating system, even if you are in a wheelchair! What kind of customer service is that? Just turn up and hope?
Adam had better take me right on his leather-clad knee and sing to me personally. He's a nice boy, I think he probably would.

And today. Off to the hospital so Dr. No Bedside Manner can peer up inside me and see if it is all ok. And then two classes.

And then: sofa.


  1. You survived! I'm glad you managed it as tough as it was, because it shows that you are getting better and you have more energy. Still keep taking it as easy as possible. Here's hoping the lovely Adam and his eyeliner has a seat for you- maybe you could take a fold away chair incase?

  2. Hopefully you will have a great time at his concert! I saw posters for his concert in Hong Kong and wanted to steal one, but didn't.

    Say hi to Adam for me! Enjoy the show.