Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I am home....

Got home to Japan late last night.
Got to go to work today.
Physically ok - because.......because....ANA upgraded me!!!
From Economy class to Business class!!!!
I got a bed and a table and a big TV screen and real china plates and knives and forks. And champagne.


And. I scattered my step-mother's ashes under a tree with her sister and her niece.
And cried. Many times.
And we cleared a 3-bedroomed house of 40 years plus of furniture and possessions.......


Time to get my thoughts ready for work 3 hours from now.

oh...and the house computer has died, so uploading pictures is hard....working here on the laptop.


  1. Welcome home! You deserved to be upgraded, you've had a very rough time lately and it's time the pendulum swung in your favour a bit.

  2. Welcome back!

    And great news about the upgrade. I live in hope that it'll happen to me someday!

  3. Awesome re upgrade. I'm kind of hoping for that when I fly home with Ryu for Christmas:) Well, the champers at least.

    glad to hear your trip home was productive - hmmm, not sure that is appropriate word. Must have been so sad spreading the ashes and sorting through things.

    Big hugs.