Thursday, 18 November 2010 normal gets.

Two days of our normal.
Yujiro cooking. Okaasan smiling. Me working. Cats looking cute.
Found a lot of garlics under Okaasan's heated table.
Sneaked some 10 pairs of clean pants back into her room.

We grabbed us some couple time by walking in the park and I went to Curves. Yujiro did manly stuff at the garage with winter tires and oil changes. Okaasan slumped under her heated table with the TV in her living room. Ventured out, actually in daylight!!, to have a walk.

And...our second floor living room ceiling developed an ominous bump.
Is it water? Is it an ovarian tumor?
After all that rain last week I fear the first. We've called the agent, who called the owner, who called the builder...and now we wait for a visit. And hope it doesn't burst.
Popo jumps if someone sneezes. If the ceiling collapses I think the poor little furball will go into orbit.

And Okaasan?
She is fine. Happy to have Yujiro home, she is all relaxed and smiley and giggly. He chats along at dinner, and she can just make response sounds and comments - latching onto a word that she can connect to. It's a semblance of conversation. Just making responses while he chats along.
And I am relaxed too. It is SO good to have him back.

The hula dance nanny Ohta-san chatted to Yujiro on the phone for ages. About how Okaasan had enjoyed the party on Monday. Didn't dance. But that is ok. They agreed that if Okaasan wants to go to the classes she should and can, but actually she doesn't have to dance in any of their events - just go along to watch and have the party.
That would be a whole lot better. Because Okaasan gets all her stress ( and we too) from trying to learn the new dances and having all the fuss before the events.

And so. We hope that's what will happen from now on. Maybe.

I have new worry on the horizon. I hope it goes away.
Yujiro said yesterday that he's been having a lot of headaches recently. Never does. Now he has almost every day.
Of course I told him to go and get it checked out. But he's a guy. They are probably worse than women at pushing this stuff away.
Now my dramas in England are over. Now MY body is getting back on track. We absolutely don't need HIM to be sick. No way.

* oh...and in England a rich man gave his live-in girlfriend an engagement ring from his mother's unhappy marriage. And I have to help pay for their wedding. Don't need THAT either!


  1. LOL... I really like that last statement... I wasn't sure what to think about that... I like the sentiment...but the fact that it was from an UNHAPPY marriage...what was he THINKING!?? Tell Yujiro to get that checked out!!!! are big might have to drag him to the drs kicking and screaming....

  2. I know! And I have a suspicion too that they made up a dress from his mother's engagement suit too - which is really taking recycling to new heights! (It's the same blue no?)
    But...they should be happier - they actually live together already in a farmhouse in North Wales near his work and she's been part of that life for years now.

  3. What's wrong with it? It's good that they are happy, and the memory of Diana will live on. Maybe she had an unhappy marriage but she is known for much more than that. I think William and Kate will do well and will bring in a new era of royalty. I don't believe in royalty per se but as Aus is still under the queen well it's something to celebrate I think.

  4. Well...WHY are we all excited about this family and what they do? Over many generations they won wars and political fights, so somehow that makes them people we should respect?
    I just don't get it at all.
    In Britain recently so many people are losing jobs and public support monies with big government cutbacks, and yet we'll be fed this huge spectacle of this couple's wedding as entertainment.
    I'd be SO happy if they would say: "Ok, we plan to get married at church with our immediate family and friends. Have a party in a hotel and then go on honeymoon".
    But it will be a HUGE thing of Heads of State, horse parades, TV reports worldwide etc etc
    I just don't get it!

  5. Just thought I'd mention re-headaches that I once had headaches for about 2 months straight and I know of another woman who had them for 6 months or so.

    I went to a doctor, he asked a few questions about them, told me they probably weren't signs of a brain tumour, but if they continued past the New Year he'd investigate further. Luckily for me, they didn't, but chances are Yujiro's aren't either.

    You could always check out the Mayo Clinic's site ( and look up headaches. It is a pretty reasonable site...not scaremongering- to see if you should be worried or not. Look under headaches...they have a lots of different types.

    And I'm a bit meh on the whole ring thing. It's a kind of recycling isn't it? But I probably would have put it in a new setting or something for her. I remember loving the ring at the time, but do worry that it might be jinxed!

  6. Thankyou Helen, I just checked it out and it is useful.
    I will get him to keep a headache diary at the very least so we have some idea of how often and what and where.

    Mind you - wouldn't be surprised if life gives him headaches sometimes!

  7. Shit - I didn't even click about your last comment until I read Kelly's. Ah well. I think it's kinda nice. So much drama.

    I went to the hospital with headaches thinking I might have inherited mum's tumor. All ok though. Yuji should go check it out though - if for nothing other than calming you down :)

    Glad to hear the house is back to normal with Yujiro home. Hope the roof isn't too much of a big deal :(