Monday, 22 November 2010

Still normal

We are still here.
Just haven't had anything really to blog about.
Which is good.
Since Yujiro came back: life as normal.
For all of us.
Okaasan is bubbling along in life-as-she-knows-it - TV/meals/a little walk/read the newspaper/look at bits of paper on her table.
Yujiro is cooking and setting up the new computer and doing house things.
I am working. Thinking about Christmas cards and Japanese New Year Cards.
All pretty boring.

One of my classes talked about family members with dementia last week. One woman said that her mother had lived until a year ago calmly with her sister. A bit repetitive, a little confused.
But when her sister went away on a trip my student went round every evening to cook dinner for their mother. And found her mother without clothes several times in the house, and her mother talked and talked and talked and talked. She couldn't escape. And everything in the house got more and more out of place. The family finally realized/acknowledged???? that all was not well.
Now her mother is in a care home - receiving regular visits  from a younger brother...who died 10 years ago, and not really sure who is sitting in front of her LIVING family members do go to see her.

Another friend just emailed me that HER family finally got her father into a care home, he has become increasingly violent to the woman who looked after him at his home, and was shitting everywhere...but finally he went quietly with a few clothes and photographs to a care home.

And so. We'll enjoy peace and quiet for now.

Today is hula dance class for's hoping she'll go.

Nothing to blog about - so how about a random cute cat picture instead!


  1. yay for calm and normalness installed in the oyomesan house. I am hoping for a bit of calm this week. Good luck for hula.

  2. Very handsome catty-chans you have there!

    I'm glad things are going quietly for you and that life is smooth right now. You deserve a break.