Friday, 21 January 2011

Don't jump to a dementia conclusion!

Um....we just realized why the toilet has been leaping into Automatic Flush mode.
Not Okaasan and button befuddlement at all.
The toilet battery needed changing.

You shouldn't jump into it-must-be-dementia-assumptions....
She IS (sometimes) just an 80 year old lady who gets confused/tired/bored.
Not everything that she does or thinks is connected with dementia.
We should remember that. But we don't...not always!


  1. haha, poor Okaasan, getting the blame for the toilet on the blink!

    Still, it must be hard not to jump to conclusions!

    Hope you're all surviving the cold up there!

  2. Poor okaasan :) getting the toilet blame. I sometimes do it with mum. Her memory IS worse than it was due to the tumor but she is also 63 and just starting on the road of forgetfulness anyway.

  3. That's good, at least that's one less thing. The only problem now is the poo on the walls.

  4. Poor Okaasan, it was a good guess though.

  5. Hi Gaijinwife... thanks for popping by... and I have to say that you have a very nice blog. Not that "nice" is the right word, but interesting and I'm sure therapeutic.

    Hope Sapporo's winter isn't too bad this year... I read before about the cabin fever, and can understand that (and that's just from my perspective). Good luck through winter - for what it's worth (sitting over here in Adelaide, Australia)