Friday, 28 January 2011

Heading into the next 10 days....

Off he went again today.
Left me with his mother.

Settling in for the job ahead.
He offered to order lunch delivery for her every day, but I said no - cos I like to think of the whole shopping for food and when it will be eaten.
And - I think it's good for Okaasan to get up off the carpet and away from the TV and potter around the kitchen burning saucepans and trying endless combination of saucepan and lid. Keeps her busy! Gives her exercise!

And so.
Busy few days at work, so not really thinking much about Okaasan.
I just gave her straightforward potato and cabbage fry/salmon/soup and rice tonight. Got her talking about how to make pickled plums and then unfortunately got into "I am so healthy because I follow Nishi-sensei the Master Health Guru"...6 or was it 7 the end I was washing my dishes, getting wet laundry for the machine and exiting thru the kitchen door...
In my nasty little dreams I am saying: "Yeah, but even Nishi-sensei coouldn't stop you getting dementia COULD HE??????!!!PLEASE stop telling me this story for the 7th time!!!!".
But I don't because my parents brought me up to be a nice person.

Anyway. Time alone. Happy to have it because I need time to quietly sort thru the stuff from England still. Maybe go to a hot woodchip bath. Maybe see a movie this weekend.
Try not to play too many wordgames to strain my bloodshot eyes. The main bloodshot cleared, but I still have a little in the same eye.

This week I heard that one of my NHK community center students HAD died last year, as I'd suspected. It effected me more than I thought. He was a good man and when he stopped coming to classes in July...and then never came back...I kind of knew. He was about 80.
I found an old New Year card from him. Wrote a short note, got Yujiro to add it in in Japanese politely...and 2 days later the answer came from his wife.
Yes, he died in October after 2 months in hospital. From lung cancer.
Just around the time I was recovering from my op and going to England to face everything there.
He was such an active person. Mentally and physically. I can't believe he is not around any more.
I've had this before - when a student is a member of a big public class - the family don't always think to tell the center/school that the person has died...but the teacher and often other students notice their missing...and always wonder.

So. Mr. K. I noticed and missed you.
When Sapporo City finally opens up the Odori to Sapporo Station underground walking area in March this year I will walk it for you. Cos I know you were looking forward to doing it.

Ho hum. Life.


  1. Yeah...the same happened here... the woman I posted about passed away... now a new resident is already in her room. My things move quickly around here. Almost too quickly for comfort.

  2. Sorry to hear about your students. That's sad. Glad you were able to get an answer though and think it's lovely you are going to take that walk for him. Does indeed show how well your parents did in raising you to be a nice person :)

    Hope okaasan is manageable this week and doesn't burn too many pots.