Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nostalgia Central.

It's all arrived. My boxes and furniture from England.
All sitting around me now, waiting to be PUT somewhere.
191 kg of stuff. Cost me Y160,000. Seems to all have arrived safely.

Oh -  but the drama of it arriving!

Got the call from the delivery truck guys about 11.30 am just as Yujiro was about to feed Okaasan and get ready for leaving the house for a 2 day ski trip.

Delivery truck guy said he couldn't find the house - and wasn't sure about the narrow snowy roads and his big truck.

So I drove out to the near bye cemetery carpark to meet them...and the worryingly large truck.

One guy came running over looking flustered. Asked me to wait 5 minutes while he made a call to his headoffice.
I waited.
He called...and called...and called....

Turns out the other truck guy was having CHEST pains!!! Hadn't taken his heart medicine that morning. Should have stayed home, but came in because they were busy.
His buddy called the ambulance!!!

We drove in convoy down to near the station so the ambulance could find us.
Park outside the 7-11.
Truck Guy 2 manages to get out of the cab, clutching his chest and smiling weakly.
He's taken off to hospital in the ambulance.
More calls to the delivery company head office.
His buddy is understandably stressed out of his mind.

So, we eventually carry on with the delivery of all my stuff.

Truck Guy 1 and I drive in convoy deep into the snowy sideroads leading to me house.
And can't get any closer than 2 streets away.

We unwrap the pallet in the truck and transfer it all in loads to my small car...and carry the rest down the street to my entrance hall......

And then I sit down and grab a 10 minute lunch.

And then I unwrap the chair and Dad's chest.

And THEN. Because I am actually completely insane...I get in the car and drive downtown to a student's art exhibition! I'd promised her I would go and had been forced by a tight work schedule to cancel I left the entrance hall of the house bursting at the seams...and went to look at admittedly good paintings by local, skilled amateurs.

And then I went nuts and bought loads of 70% off winter sale stuff in the Benetton sale.

And then? I came home and started REALLY unpacking.....

Chichi got VERY antsy about this papiermache cat....he actually went directly up to it and then ran away in terror.

The chair - my step-mum did the tapestry's a picture of their house.


Yujiro's gone ski teaching for 2 nights. Just as well. I gave Okaasan takeout sushi for easy dinner. Now I have to think where on earth to out these things!!!!!

I think I'll go to work tomorrow to have a nice rest.


  1. what drama!! I hope your delivery man is OK!
    191kg - that is shiploads. Good luck with all the unpacking. May take several bottles of wine, if not a caseload or two :) and that's just me - the reader.

  2. Cool furniture! I kinda want to come over and help you unpack. I'm so nosy!