Wednesday, 12 January 2011



Okaasan has noticed my bloody eye.

gave me a 45 minute, revolving lecture about how Nishi-sensei - her all-time favorite health guru would advise not eating and drink lots of water.


I managed to steer her onto sons and what universities they went to...and I started clearing dishes in the kitchen and made an excuse about work and escaped up here to our apartment.

Oh Bugger.
I can't do 4 nights of dinner alone with her and THAT conversation every night.

I either need:

a) to go out for dinner every night.
2) an eyepatch
3) a paperbag on HER head.
4) a shotgun.


  1. Dinner out everynight would be nicer, that or the eye patch and pirate speech;)That would give her something to talk about.
    Or you could say its always been like that and see if she goes for it?
    Its pretty nasty looking, but I hope not painful...

  2. I'd say all of the above... in no particular for each night! LOL...
    anyways, some of the elderly get those here and there probably isn't much you can do but wait it out plus get some eye drops from the eye dr...

  3. Go for the eyepatch. Confuse her with pirate talk. If only for comedy value.

  4. Ouch! That looks painful.

    I agree with Sarahf, tell her you stabbed yourself with a fork (actually happened to a friend of mine during new years)