Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Something's coming, something ...baaad....

Escaped it all today to the movie theater at 10 am to see a classic movie: West Side Story.
Average age of the audience was probably about 70 - and we all lapped it up. Local movie theater showing a different classic movie every week.
I was born the year this movie came out, so I've never seen it in a movie theater - just wonderful. The dance routines, the experimental lighting, Natalie Wood lip-syncing...ahhhh......

Something coming? Something baaad.

Yup. More Oyomesan duties.

Yujiro made a brief appearance into the home in between ski jobs. Home at 7.30 pm on Tuesday. And out of the house again Wednesday lunchtime. Just time to wash clothes, check emails and make friendly sounds to mother and Oyomesan.

He and I had one of those couple mis-communications: I thought he was here all day Wednesday and going Thursday am. He was surprised I'd made plans to go see a movie.

But West Side Story only plays at 10 am until Friday, and I work Thursday and it was today or no. I left him to laundry and email and lunch with Okaasan...and escaped.

And he'll be back next Monday night. But this time he's left me the car, so shopping and working is easier.

I don't mind this couple life-style at all. He goes away working for a few days...a week. He comes back and we are refreshed as a couple. While he's gone I get control of the TV remote, read books in bed at too many wordgames on the computer. I like my own time.

But. You know. Left with his mother. It isn't the BEST life!:-(((
I bet she feels the same...oh no...left alone with that woman again...

But you know...I feel quite a thaw in Okaasan's feelings towards me: last night she actually sat/hovered in the kitchen chatting while I was cooking....I could feel her watching what I was doing of course, but I also noticed that she actually chose to be there and chat to me about department store special offer flyers. we go again. Oyomesan On Duty.

P.S. Does anybody know anything about burst blood vessels in the eye? I have a bad one, the whole white part of my eye between the center and the middle is bloodshot. Internet sites seem to say it looks worse than it is...and someone's advised me to drink a lot of water. It could be stress...but I'm really NOT stressed at the moment...resigned to my fate as an Oyomesan, but not stressed....too many computer wordgames? Too much chocolate?

Blair Witch Oyomesan
Any other ideas?

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