Sunday, 6 February 2011

Almost done it (for this time...)

Sunday night.
He'll be home tomorrow.
So I've almost completed another 10 days with Okaasan.

Been ok I guess. She came home late a few nights, so I ate without her. That helps break the monotony.
Last night she was home late - so I served up her food and left her alone in the kitchen eating KFC, salad and soup.

Today she stayed home and I got out to onsen and lunch with a woman I'd met via Trip Advisor website (I'm a so called Local Expert)...nice just to go out and chat to someone new in hot water and over food.
I came home mid afternoon with shopping and did my January accounts so they make some sense to the accountant when she comes later. Last year was SUCH a messed up year for me emotionally and physically that who knows what chaos lurks in the English School accounts. I was absent from classes so many times the tax office will probably hand me over a vast rebate and I can buy a yacht.

Tonight just easy dinner.
I woke up Okaasan from her snooze on the carpet and we sat down to reheated curry, veggies and pickles. I got mentioned "Otaru Winter Festival" and that set her off happily into 40 minutes of Yujiro Ishihara the movie star and his museum in Otaru and how-I-went-to-a-cooking-school-just near-his-Tokyo-house....on and on and on...10? 12? 15? times the same story...switching between the two. I just "ummed" and "ahhed" and let her scamper around on that hamster wheel while I moved stuff around my plate to stretch out the meal time.

BY the way!
Now THIS is important.
I have discovered a really, really good Japanese chocolate. 
It's sweet, it's milky and Oh My GOD - it's got 3.7% alcohol in it!
If you are a chocaholic like me - you must go look for this tomorrow - or right now if there is a supermarket nearby.
EXCELLENT stuff. It's going to be my Chocolate of Choice for this Valentine Season.


  1. I think that Yujiro owes you a very big valentines day present this year regardless of if they celebrate in Japan or not, you truly deserve it!

    Also, I wanted to ask you, a friend of ours wants to head to Niseko at the beginning of march for skiing, is it too late? When does the ski season end in Hokkaido?

    Even though hub is from Hokkaido we are not skiers so we wouldn't have a clue.

  2. Melty Kiss is great, and not just because of the name!

  3. Yes, well Valentine Day...seeing as how he'll be away on another ski trip by Friday...I am not holding my breath....and anyway...this guy is a cheapskate...he usually buys the discounted chocolate the day after and proudly tells me how much it didn't cost!!!!

    Hokkaido skiing in March - yes - spring skking continues until Golden Week on goodyears...March and April still good.

  4. Awww... well enjoy those Melty Kiss anyway! :)

    Thanks for the tip, appreciate it so much!