Thursday, 10 February 2011

Family duties

He's home for a few days between ski jobs - so he doing Family Duty to mother and girlfriend.

Got Okaasan to have a bath finally. She even did some underwear washing. AND hung it up to dry within the same week.
He and I watched 5 hours of American Idol we'd recorded, I could have watched it myself, but as this is one of the TV programs we can watch together I thought a good idea to hold off. Kind of like the new judging panel - Steven Tyler's face should have its own TV show!

And we did a Family Outing to the Sapporo Snow Festival.
Managed to get Okaasan out in daylight and the three of us went downtown and walked Odori Park looking at snow statues and all the food stalls. The statue/food balance is tipping in favor of this being renamed The Sapporo Food Festival.
Okaaan clutched Yujiro's hand and dragged her walking stick ineffectively at her side - but apparently had a good time. It's just like taking a small child to the festival, because you have to plan toilet stops, and get them settled to eat or drink and think about how far they can walk..."time to go home" etc
Her walking is ok - but balance not great. If she hunts in her purse for the subway ticket she is in danger of falling forwards.
But still - 80 years old and she walked the length of Odori Park. On ice.

Apart from Couch Surfing guests (a very nice Rumanian couple) that we had a dinner with. Cats venturing outside sometimes. Life ongoing...normal makes for a boring blog..but its very good. Last year...and the year before that...I craved ordinary boring weeks.


  1. Boring is good! I want to see the snow festival one day....

  2. You are so right....and now I really appreciate that. Really really appreciate it.