Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ho`iho`i i ka wai!!!

H o`iho`i i ka wai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Return!    (to the water) in Hawaiian!

Okaasan made it back to hula dance. Finally. After a 2-month absence.
I prepped her Sunday night with chat about it all, how the teacher had called to ask about her, how the roads were now safe, how fun hula class was etc etc etc
Monday morning I gave her the hairdryer, talked about baths, hula, sunshine, safe roads....

and ..

Ho`iho`i i ka wai!!!

While I was at work ....She had a bath, washed her hair, had lunch, burned another pan and went to hula.

Came home late, ate the dinner I'd left her and collapsed asleep.

And I had my own little Ho`iho`i i ka wai...

I finally made it back to the revolving sushi restaurant at the far end of the suburban station near work. I always used to go here for a quick lunch between classes on Tuesdays. But with the knee injury I couldn't walk that far and started driving to the class instead.
But yesterday, as Yujiro is still using the car, I was back on the subway...and had some time after morning classes so I took myself far down the end of the station concourse for a sushi lunch - almost 2 years since I've been here - and the waitress welcomed me back!
These small returns to old routines are so, so welcome. I was injured and unable to do so many things for too long.

Ho`iho`i i ka wai!

***** and.....Valentine's Day. Yujiro is of course away, and usually buys me some discounted chocolate the day after anyway...but a wonderful kind student who reads this blog gave me SIX boxes of Rum and Raisin chocolate...and....and...Okaasan bought chocolate for me too and left it on the kitchen table for me when I got home at 9 pm last night.
Do days GET any better?


  1. okaasan went to hula AND bought you chocolate on the same day? This shouldn't be valentines day it should be christmas. So glad to hear she made it back and hope she keeps it up. Yay for sushi, being welcomed back there (the head guy at our local pace took over a year of going practically every week until he would smile at as and say hello!) and chocolate from students.

  2. That is SO awesome! My MIL didn't do ANYTHING...and she's sane... :(
    GLad to hear your Valentine'S day went really well!

  3. Hold on, hold on... isn't the Japanese tradition of Valentines Day for the woman to spoil the male valentine with chocolatey goodness?... Hmmmm I wonder what happens on White Day? (Of course, any time for chocolate is good in my books).