Monday, 28 February 2011

Just a weekend.

All's well.

I haven't blogged cos:
a) Nothing much to say.
b) I've spent hours trying to redesign my English classroom website myself - and I can't bear to look at a computer screen any longer!!!

Okaasan stayed home for 2 days and then went out in slightly icy conditions yesterday.
While she was out we did a big clean out of her room. Usual stuff of dirty underwear (she seems to be storing it in 3 different baskets now), paper trash, magazines.
SO much easier to do a clean now we have two years worth of magazines off the floor and onto a bookcase. I usually take out stuff from the bottom of the pile of stuff so that the top looks the same to her...

For some mysterious reason she is screwing up newspaper pages and wrapping them in other bits of paper....neither of us know WHAT that is about.....firelighters maybe? Or shoe stuffing? Something from long ago Japan. But we found lots of them all over her room.

I watched a documentary on CNN about Alzheimer's and special research in Columbia where a small town has high incidences of Alzheimer's and scientists are trying to identify the gene mutation that causes it in people in their 30s and 40s.
One woman had cared for her father 10 years ago...then he died. Now her brother and her sister are suffering. Awful. Just awful.

Dinner last night I cooked up the great spinach and cheese ravioli that I got from COSTCO. Trouble is Okaasan always says she doesn't like cheese (but loves pizza...). I did big bowls of pasta for us and a smaller bowl for her, served with rice, soup, vegetables and pickles.
Yujiro and I chatted in manic fashion about all sorts of stuff to keep Okaasan's attention OFF the pasta and what the white stuff inside it might be...and it worked...she listened and responded to the chat and ate it all - even had seconds!

And on into another week.

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  1. Ha ha.. Asians in general are that the pizza cheese but can't stand other cheeses in general! My parents were that way... tho my dad didn't even really like pizza.
    Glad things are good in your part of the world! You can do web design??? That's pretty cool!