Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nursing our nekoes...

Haven't blogged - because of work and sick nekoes.
Neko is "cat" in Japanese.
Our two nekoes have been hit hard by stomach worms.
They stopped eating and started vomiting everywhere instead.
The bathroom and the hallway have a line of carpet tiles in different stages of dryness being recycled.
Sad little cats sitting around looking bug-eyed.
We did two runs to the vets, so they are all medicined-up and we are waiting to see good results.
Chichi is getting better. Popo still not good.

And so.
Okaasan fine.
Would like to get HER all medicined-up and leave her bug-eyed.
But can't.

* Oh....and a student came to class yesterday with FOUR lots of chocolates for me...her husband works in a hospital. On Valentine's Day in Japan it's the custom for women in workplaces to give men presents - so as a doctor he got lots of chocolate. But he prefers cake, his wife prefers bitter chocolate.
So I got 4 boxes of milk chocolate!
I may be vomiting on carpet tiles soon too.
But I think there aren't any clean ones left.


  1. Ha ha maybe we can all need medicined up and bug eyed! Such a weird Valentine's Day tradition here.... Enjoy those chocolates. Hope both cats get better.

  2. Why is the singular cat Neko, but you use the plural Nekoes for the two of 'em.
    I usually just use Nekos. Am I wrong?
    Inquiring minds wanna know :)
    Mata ne
    PS Our severely Alzheimers/demented "Nanny" just passed away Jan. 30th. The only thing she knew at the end was us and our names, and stories and events from waaaaayyyyyyy long ago.
    She was 87 years old in August.
    She lived a good, rich , full life and was ready to move on. They found out in Sept that her gall bladder had cancer and it had already spread to her liver, and other places. The DR said tht the treatment would kill her before the cancer did, at her age and feeble condition.
    We all made the decision to not tell her, because as much as she forgot the little day to day events, the BAD news she heard would somehow stick in her brain and she would obsess over close friends dieing etc.

    But she was happy, determined to get over the GB surgery and back to Life, surrounded by all her loved ones at her home with excellent hospice care.
    Just like she wanted it.
    She's in a much better place now, and we are all at peace with her passing.
    Mata, mata ne

  3. Hi Liz, Japanese doesn't have plurals...I'm not sure if it should be "nekoes" or "nekos"!!! (and me and Dan Quayle have always had problems with potato/potatoes)...

    How long did Nanny spend with Alzheimers? Many times I think Okaasan seems fine, just another slightly confused old lady - and then there will be some zinger of a situation which reminds me that all is NOT well...
    She's been with us for almost 3 years now and her abilities have narrowed, but within the comforts of our life here in this house she is fine generally.