Thursday, 3 March 2011

Small confusions

Nothing dramatic...just our week going as normal really.

Heavy snow yesterday, so Okaasan stayed home.
We ate lunch and dinner all together. She seemed okay-ish. Kind of passive really and a bit confused in some conversations - latching onto a word and saying something vaguely connected to it sometimes. Other times being on-the-ball.
When we called her to the dinner table last night she started talking about making tea and looked for the teapot and tealeaves - she always, ALWAYS makes and drinks green tea at the end of the meal - so we were surprised....and after Yujiro reminded her that we hadn't eaten yet she settled down in her chair ready for the the food.

It's small things like this we notice: dementia at this stage doesn't seem to be raving craziness (although we've had our share of aggression and odd behavior), but as we know Okaasan's daily routines we do notice the small confusions.
And the repeats: I showed Okaasan the pretty flower picture on the kitchen calender and we went round and round for about 5 times in 3 minutes - "Is this cherry blossom?/No, it's a magnolia tree I think".....round and round, "Is this a cherry? No, It's magnolia".

Today is Doll's Festival in Japan, when families with daughters display dolls and eat rice mixed with lots of pink things to hope for their happiness. I've put two dolls that my student made in our entrance hall just to give Okaasan the feel of the season. Outside it's snowing - spring hasn't come to Sapporo yet.

March 3: 19 years ago today I came to Japan. Arrived at Narita airport for a planned 3 week stay as a backpacker. And stayed. Developed a whole life here I never could have imagined!


  1. Happy Hina Snow matsuri! We have it here today but not so much yesterday.

    Congratulations too on your 19 years. I'll be 20 years on the 25th July, so a very similar record!

  2. Wow! 19 years! Congratulations! You must have some amazing stories from your time here.

  3. LOL.. most of us were like that... it's 20 yrs for me this year... yikes...!

  4. It's been 20 years for me! I don't know about you but I don't know where the time went. What made you decide to stay?

    T in Tokyo

  5. happy japanniversary!

    do you mind if i put your blog on my blog roll?

  6. Yes, 19 years seems such a LONG time....with so many events in it...
    I came originally because Tokyo was the last stop on my round the world year...planned 3 a job in the Tokyo suburbs to stay away from Real Life in the UK for another year and do more Asian travels.
    Then....oh...found happiness in English teaching and hiking and sushi....signed for another year, then another...then sold the car and the house in the UK...retrained as a language teacher....met a guy....the rest is blog history!

  7. Hi Illahee - happy to be on your blog roll. Is there jam inside?

  8. yum, jam! yes, red raspberry preserves!