Monday, 7 March 2011

Whooo Hooo!

Still here! Ok! Haven't sunk without trace under a sea of dirty underwear.

Just being a bad blogger.

Too much busy life. And Yujiro's home between ski season busy times - so he is cooking and caring and I am working and socializing. So all is well. :-)

I've had accountant and tax return - (Y32,000 refund, account fees...Y30,000); and dinner with friends, Yujiro and I did the CM Festival and a friend's party, lots of American Idol on TV, snow clearing, work, stuff ...stuff...stuff. And the English school website design is almost done and ready to be connected with the domain name and launched onto the world.

Okaasan stayed home during the heavy snow, but then got out again and used an ikebana show ticket I'd been given - took herself off to the ikebana show in a department store (we think!). So that is good. Despite sometimes doing odd things or thinking odd things, she is still able to get a ticket for something and go along and find it and enjoy it.
Her hair is getting very long and straggly. This week's task for Yujiro is to introduce the idea of How About a Hair Cut? to Okaasan and persuade her to try the Grand Hotel salon I located. She hasn't had a hair cut since she went to the family wedding in Tokyo in ...what..September? Time to go.

Anyway. Life ongoing. Bit busy really. But good because my knee is strong enough to do it all.

This is my last week of being 40-something. The big 50 is looming....


  1. Congratulations on the nearly half century!!

    Totally understand you being busy mad right now. Me too. And I do admire you doing your own website. I have decided to hire a pair of women to do mine for me. Not just any random pair of women, of course, you understand.... They seem quite nice and not scared of me which is always a bonus.

    Let's hope this week gives us a break from snow shovelling, eh?!

  2. Wow. You do sound busy. Hope Okaasan enjoys the haircut. Any plans for the big 50?

  3. don't worry...50 isn't that different from 40
    you just get more strength to tell people "no"..
    since the future is getting shorter you don't want to waste time dealing with crap....and when your 50 you get the "obasan power" which make you fearless.....

  4. Oooh, have you got any big party plans?