Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hair cut!

Okaasan had a haircut.
Finally. 6 months since the last one. Months of talking about it.
I organised her into it, and it was a success.

And she looks so much better, and is SO perky!

Yujiro actually got her primed for getting out of the house on time and going to the salon because I had to go to work. Okaasan does really need someone nagging her to get along with getting out - getting washed, getting dressed, do you need to eat something, what do you need to take, etc etc.
Anyway he got her out the house and she had a cut and perm.
Seemed to enjoy it.
Came home looking all neat and tidy and was very chatty to us in the kitchen in the afternoon/evening.
 Obviously feels a whole lot better for the experience.

Maybe down the line she will complain about this salon and stylist and we'll start hunting again for another place, but for now all seems well and she doesn't look like a crazy old lady.
We could almost forgive her hamster-wheel conversation about the flat fish she'd bought and that we served for DELICIOUS flat fish is!! Sometimes it isn't you know, but I asked the man in the shop and he said THIS fish was delicious. So I bought it. This fish is delicious, sometimes it isn't you know...but I bought it in a shop and the man said....(Chorus, repeat until the family finally escape from the kitchen and run upstairs screaming.)

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  1. They seem to have pleasure in the "moment"...but yeah okaasan looks presentable to the rest of the world! Congrats! Now for the next time... might need some new tricks up your sleeve. Hey don't worry. We have to "trick" ppl into taking a bath sometimes here....