Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hair's to me!

Hair's to me! I am officially : a Genius Oyomesan.

Got Okaasan to book an appointment at the hair salon next Wednesday at 10 am...or was it 12? She wasn't sure which time seconds after putting the phone down. 
Never mind, I can go to the salon before Wednesday and check the time and get them primed to keep offering Okaasan toilet breaks.

But yes. She is going.

I brought it up at lunchtime...all crafty-like.
Waited till we were almost finished, sitting there the three of us. Okaasan already had her tea. All relaxed.
Then I swooped.
"Oh, I almost forgot Okaasan! Look, this card is the telephone number of that hair salon you said you wanted to go to by the station! Shall we call and make an appointment? How about today or tomorrow?"
Opened the floodgates to all sorts of chat about hair cuts and perms, and male stylists are best, and this one is where I go walking, and I went in Saitama, But I didn't go recently etc etc etc.

Yujiro looked at the card and the prices and then started to give it to Okaasan, she was saying: "Oh I'll go in there the next time I am walking there, I am always walking by the door etc."
But NO! Oyomesan is made of tougher stuff than this.
Okaasan has spent months and months walking past that salon doors. Hasn't gone in yet. Probably never will until her hair is so long that it curls round her feet on the pavement and she trips over it and falls into the salon doors.
I'm not waiting for her to go in and make the appointment. It may never happen.

I leapt from my chair, flung open the door to Okaasan's room, swooped in and grabbed her mobile phone, grabbed the card and called the fucking salon myself.
After reminding them that I was that woman who came in last week, I handed the phone to Okaasan so she could talk to them about a cut and perm if-you-have-time-sometime-please.
We only heard her end of the conversation after that, but it's set for April 20th. Next Wednesday!!


Am I great or what? It was a textbook display of dementia management. Doing it together in a nice friendly, let's do this fun thing together way. And I did it.

I am great. It's official.


  1. hey you're the pro!!! i've got a lot to learn.... !

  2. You are indeed great!

    I read your previous post about not wanting to manage Okaasan and I understand that, but an amount of managing is becoming inevitable. And that was masterful management! But not nagging nor bullying!

    See you tomorrow! (Nervous...)