Saturday, 23 April 2011

Let's dementia!

Living with dementia makes you horribly aware of whether it is creeping up on YOU.

We all joke about forgetting stuff when we are busy or stressed, but if you live up close with dementia there is an added element.

Yesterday was a busy Friday for me. Five classes - 45 minutes for lunch. Got to get on top of it all. Lesson sheet. Letter of recommendation for a student. Return the book someone lent me. 

I came out of the shower in the morning and put an egg on to boil to make up a lunchbox. Went off upstairs to get dressed and ready for work. Printed out the lesson sheet for the midday student. Got my stuff together, ignored the cats pleading for another breakfast, chatted to Yujiro about stuff - and headed out. 
Got to the classroom: BUGGER!

Forgot both the boiled egg (and lunchbox) and the lesson sheet.

Rang home and got Yujiro to rescue the pan. He said the kitchen was hazy and the pan a bit burnt. Egg was brown.
Wrote out the midday lesson sheet again by hand, apologized to the student.

Am I getting it? Am I losing the power to do A, B, C, D...and remember A?

Yujiro went shopping without money. I leave washing in the machine. We both forget stuff....

Can't help but wonder if it is early signs or not.

But we aren't shitting ourselves yet. Well, he farts like a Fart Orchestra, and I have to run to the toilet if I come into the house from the cold....but I think we are not too far gone. 



  1. I went to my lesson on Thursday morning with the class list and handouts for Friday's class... Wishful thinking or slowly losing the plot...

  2. LOL. If you're worried about whether you have dementia or not, it probably means you DON'T have to worry about it yet... ha ha!

  3. Like it....oh yes, many, many times....wrong class material in the wrong class...and going into a room and then standing there wondering why is another fave....oh...and leaving the heated up rice in the microwave all day...another good 'un!

  4. Sorry, made me giggle.
    Have been thinking same things lately!! Mum sometimes remembers words of things that I don't or I say something and think, bloody hell, very similar to what mum said this afternoon!

    You're fine. Yujiro is fine. I'm fine.

    But please remember the stove. That's a bit of a worry :p