Monday, 18 April 2011

ONE MILLION YEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walkathon staff team celebrate 619 km!

Walkathon was yesterday!
105 people, aged 1-70 plus walked.
Longest walk - 30 km by an adult.
Longest walk - 14 km by a 7 and a 10 year old.
Youngest child to walk 10 km - FOUR years old!!!!
Walking 10 km - 23 people did it!!!


Total raised for the Japanese Red Cross Tohoku Appeal?

Y1,200,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is: $12,000!

We are all stunned. And tired. And happy!
Vicky and Walkathon staff setting up sign-in area.

Vicky gets the troops in order!

Ogawa-san signs in.

Vicky and map designed Chizuko set out Eniwa to Sendai target!

Some crazy British Oyomesan: "Peace in our time!"

10 km Ogawa-san, a student at NHK Culture School, Sapporo.

Ogawa-san and Oyomesan.

Yujiro interviews 10 km super kids.

Mid-afternoon, enough km for Oshamambe....

Sebastian and the 20 km and 15 km mark...

Why not? Sebastian finally did...30km! Sponsors are going to be in for a shock...

Almost 6 pm and we've walked to Miyagi...

619 km! Vicky completes the map.



  1. congratulations to you and all of the participants....$12,000!!!!!!

  2. Way to go! Your pics are great and your money total is stunning! How awesome to be helping this way. :)

  3. You really walked from Sapporo to Miyagi?

  4. Omedeto and otsukaresama!!! That is really awesome...

  5. Great work... actually I could have come along to this too (now that we're in Sapporo), but I've only just started looking at the computer in any depth, and just realised this was on. Zannen!

    Still, that was really great work, and I think you guys should be so proud of yourselves and all the people that put their money into this... not to mention the volunteering of leg power.

    Every bit counts!

  6. Thankyou all - it was a LOAD of fun....and for an evenet that we thought in the monring would attract about 65 people, maybe Y300, was stunning to see how many people came, how far they walked and how much was promised.

    Anonymous - NO! We didn't actually walk to Miyagi!!! It was in an indoor sports track in Eniwa in Hokkaido, and we walked round and round the track and counted the km - everyone in the day walked a total of 619 km which is the same as Eniwa to Miyagi maybe!!

  7. Hi Oyome-san.
    Remember I said I'd sponsor you and Yujiro $A5 per km by donating to the Red Cross? Well, I did the same for Hyotenka's Vicky and her boys and made a single donation to cover you all. You'll find the details in a comment I left on Vicky's first post about the Walkathon, but for a potted version: $200 (17,730 yen) donated to Red Cross Australia, Receipt No. 1105723.
    Cheers and well done

  8. Thankyou!

    That is a very generous donation to the people of Japan.