Saturday, 9 April 2011

Return of the...bag.

Came a letter.

Dear XXX-san,
 This is the curry restaurant on Densha-dori. About a week ago you came into our restaurant to use the toilets, but you left your bag here. We apologize for looking inside, but we found your address inside. If you'd like to come to the restaurant, we are keeping the bag for you.
Lots of love,
The Curry Restaurant.

AHHHH!!!!!!! THAT bag! That curry shop....400 meters in the opposite direction from the dry cleaners and the lunchbox shop. Lunchbox shop/curry restaurant mashup.

So. Okaasan and Yujiro went off yesterday to have lunch at the curry place and say a big, bowing "Thankyou" to them for keeping the bag and taking the trouble to track down the forgetful owner.
Japan is a nice place. People take the time to do this kind of thing.

Today is Saturday. And tomorrow is Sunday. It's called a weekend.
And it's MINE! All mine!
I have a weekend!!!!
After stresses and sickness last year I vowed to replan my life and give myself time to smell the roses. So I reorganized my work schedule to move classes out of Saturday and into other days.
Gave myself Saturdays off, for the first time since coming to Japan. So that's for the first time in about 18 years.
Last weekend was a sick washout. 3 days in bed.

But now? Happy!!! Sunshine! Healthy! Having lunch with a friend! Might go out and look at the garden! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


  1. How nice that they returned the bag. So thoughtful. Enjoy the Saturday.

  2. Taking time out is important! Glad the bag came back....