Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Going strong.

Okaasan did two days of hula.
Sunday practice AND regular Monday class.
Amazing at her age really.
She is in excellent physical form.
Hope I am like that when I am her age.

Yesterday was super-windy again. Yujiro called Okaasan to suggest staying home. But she forgot or ignored his advice and went off to hula as normal.
In the evening she looked very tired and kind of sat at the dinner table while conversation flowed around her, but still - 2 days of hula is good going.

* Meanwhile I am obviously losing it. Yesterday I went to put coffee in a mug, and was looking for a houseplant to pour the remains of drinking water over. On my way to the houseplants I stopped off at the cat toilet box, opened the soiled litter bin to scoop in some poop...and threw the water in the box instead.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hair-dryer in the fridge - dinner in the laundry basket ...it can only be a matter of time until it all unravels.


  1. as they say, "もう始まったじゃない?"

  2. i did those kinds of things when i was pregnant....