Friday, 6 May 2011

Quiet time........

End of Golden Week holiday - NOT golden this year in Hokkaido, but actually a whole week for me.

Time spent quietly at home doing stuff I kept putting off: wash the rubber plant, clean the toilet, input the April accounts on the computer, make the classroom signboard, finish the book I have been reading for 3 months, watch TV, clean garden, relieve Yujiro's cooking duties etc etc
Saw two movies. Had a few quiet meals out on my own with a good book.
Walked in the local park watching it all come to life.
Joined a Japanese friend and her English students at a Let's Cook and Speak English party at a community center: me as the Visiting Real English Speaker for them to practice on. A fun night, although standing in the kitchen and walking there and back made my leg muscles swell. Have to be careful with that.

Fed Okaasan. Dentist. We took her to the good noodle place near the station for a trip out.
I cleaned her room while she was out. No toilet accidents since Monday. Maybe.
I'd cleared out enough stuff from the carpet between the table and the Tv so she rediscovered the May calender page and stood looking at it for ages - finally came into the kitchen to ask: "I wrote here Dentist. Did I go? When is this?"

All in all, nice normal.
Back to work today. And then a WEEEEKEND!!!!!!

*** This has no connection to anything, but I just HAVE to share this from a friend/student's blog....a restaurant in Naganuma, near Sapporo that is serving HUGE tempura. HUGE!!!!
Click on the words below to go to her blog.

Gigantic Tempura Rice Bowls!


  1. wow! those are big tempura....!

  2. Aren't they just!! I am going here for sure! KK is a guide and interpreter here in Hokkaido, so she knows the BEST places to seek out food....

  3. Clicked the link..afraid you lost me at the squid guts!lol
    Glad you had a relaxing week.

  4. WOWx100!
    You love the tempura bowls!!
    I'll tell you the detail tomorrow :)