Friday, 20 May 2011


Butterbur! Cooked! By Okaasan!

She says it isn't done yet. Needs drowning in the soy sauce/cooking sake/sugar sauce that all Japanese food gets put in.

Disappointed. I tasted some of this nice fresh green butterbur last night secretly and it tastes ok. Kind of like celery.
I wish we could leave it like this and put soy sauce on the table so everyone could help themselves. But'll all be drowned in the Japanese seasoning.

Anyway - this morning we did manage to get Okaasan up and ready and out for the 9 am dentist appointment. But she really needs constantly reminding and motivating. Yujiro got her all up and moving around choosing clothes - he came upstairs to have breakfast - and went back 15 minutes later to find her sitting back in front of the TV again with no clothes chosen.
By the time he was in his outside clothes and I was jangling car keys in the kitchen Okaasan got it together that she was going out SOON! and got dressed and ready to go.

Finally...just flower garden is coming out into spring and the tomato and cucumber seedlings are in. The green pepper plant might not be reborn into its third summer...and the cats keep trying to dig up potatoes. But hey! Spring!


  1. Love the flower pics! The butterbur, so that's what it's called in English... ha ha ha... I think I only have of it as kuuki or sometthing like that.

  2. hey!'s a butterbur...fuki in Japanese? They are growing EVERYWHERE here at the moment, but of course Okaasan bought it at a shop..