Monday, 20 June 2011

Fugu Okaasan.......

Poor Okaasan - the dental work has given her a seriously swollen face.
Fugu Okaasan isn't eating much - which is GREAT for us because we don't have to think about feeding her, just a bit of soup now and then...but of course not great for her.

Even so she went out for 4 hours walking and shopping yesterday. Came home just as we were finishing dinner and only wanted soup to drink - but while she was in the toilet I managed to do a quick, sneaky bag check and find the remains of a cream cake which she'd bought and half eaten...all mashed up in a plastic she obviously is eating sometimes.
The next dentist appointment is Thursday, so we hope she can hang on till then.

Spent a wonderful quiet day at home myself. Was waiting to welcome and incoming Couch Surfer - another person cycling Hokkaido - he arrived late afternoon and just needed to we didn't even have a coffee together....and he has gone again this morning. In a way it is sometimes good that CS people stay in my classroom because we can do as much or as little socializing as we or they feel like. And this guy looked bushed. He'd cycled from Tomakomai...
So I spent a good day doing my accounts on the computer, finishing off a book review (Arudou Debito's first fiction "In Appropriate" for the Being a Broad web-magazine)...and gardening. And a quick trip to the big recycle shop, where I found a garden table set for Y1,000 and a cosy garden chair for Y500.
Planted half my seeds....I am actually running out of garden space for the rest....the students had some last week, the neighbor will get more...and..and...?

This time last year my step-mum was having her polyp operation and we were worried about how she would recover from that. Now we know that she never really recovered at all and by September...

This year I am so SO happy to have just normal life things to think about: scones, seeds, cat paw injury, Okaasan's dental...and work. Oh - and WHERE to stay when I go to Cairns in September!! Cairns for a beach holiday and then my friend in Melbourne for some serious eating...

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  1. You lucky thing, going to Cairns - we loved it when we went last summer! We stayed at a place called the Heritage, which was very friendly, pleasant and good value, in case you want to check it out.