Friday, 10 June 2011

Taking the Okaasan by the horns...

Fuckity, fuckity...fuck! (name THAT movie's opening lines??)

Okaasan NOTICED my room cleaning????
As I made dinner last night I could see her fretting around in her room, looking at stuff, picking things up and peering and moving around.
I got more and more nervous. My great cleaning stint yesterday had been TOO good. She was noticing the difference. What had I moved? What was she about to do to me?
I watched her ferreting about and sitting slumped on the GOD...even folding T-shirts and towels from the heap behind her!

What to do? I could see a dinner time blow up approaching.

Decided to Take The Okaasan By the Horns and get in my story first.

As I called mother and son to dinner I entered Okaasan's room cheerfully: "Good evening! How are you? By the way, today when you were out I vacumned your room, so if you notice things have moved, that's why. Oh, and I took that nightgown out of the washing machine and hung it up. Is that ok?"

"Ahh? Nightgown? It was in the machine? Ahh. Vacumm? Oh, thankyou for your help, I'm sorry for bothering you!".

Did it.
Followed a happy family dinner of chat and laughs.
Mission Accomplished.

Maybe this is the way to go - to be open about going into her room and doing stuff, so that she is comfortable with knowing that sometimes I am there....

* Got the movie reference yet???? Hint: Hugh Grant...weddings...


  1. Forget Hugh Grant, I think you have been reading Gaijinwife's blog! LOL.

  2. errrr...yes....sorryy...will wash my mouth out...(but I also am getting a giggle out of the image that students who read this blog will be checking their dictionaries for "fuckity"....)

  3. LOL. Good luck to your students! Pre dinner blowout avoidance handled very well. Maybe it will encourage her to do more in there herself? I have only ever tidied Granny K's room once. Took me all friction day and all she did was complain and now its back to usual state and I envision lots of 'things' crawling around there this summer. Gross.

  4. Yep... took okaasan by the horns I think! Good way to do it!!! ha ha...
    We got a new fridge the other day and with all the cleaning, we threw out obaasan's wheely cart thing... (in the way)...she hasn't said anything yet...

  5. You just know though...that the trashy old thing that you think they don't care about/remember is EXACTLY the thing they will miss.
    as I watched her hunting the room and examining bits of paper I was doing my head in wondering WHICH year-old shopping receipt I'd thrown out....