Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Another mis-step.

Okaasan almost fell over again yesterday.
LUCKILY spun out of control on a second unexpected step and crashed backwards into a wall - with Oyomesan running to grab her shoulders and hold her up.
Phew! Nice catch.

We'd eaten in the local curry restaurant with a Polish Couch Surfing guest. He didn't speak any Japanese, so it was all in English - and Okaasan looked tired after hula dance...but she ate her way through curry...and then as we got up from the table she went down one step into the main restaurant area - and piroutted off the second step and into the restaurant wall.
No injuries. Just a shock for all of us.

Funnily - 30 seconds before...we'd all watched Yujiro do almost the same thing - mis-judge the steps and stagger sideways.
But I guess Okaasan didn't remember that when she came to go down the same steps?
30 seconds is pretty hard for a dementia sufferer!

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