Friday, 1 July 2011

I injured myself?

Okaasan has another face injury - but doesn't know why.
A smallish cut just above her right eye, and the area around it is a little swollen.

But, of course, she doesn't remember how or why.
She says it doesn't hurt and we don't think it is serious...but we wonder how....

Maybe...just maybe...I think she poked herself in the face with the laundry drying pole? I found a rose bush planter a little shaken up 2 days ago, and some earth on the ground - I thought cats or crows had pushed it over.
Now I wonder whether Okaasan knocked the rose bush planter over when she was trying to move the laundry poles? And poked herself in the face as well?
Could be. Who knows?

Anyway - she is off again today for maybe the last dentist visit.
I am 2 days away from welcoming students to my garden for English Tea Party with roses, scones and carrot cake - hear THIS...I tracked down Clotted Cream in Mitsukoshi Department Store yesterday (it's the Harrods' of Japan and very pricey) - the small jar of Clotted Cream cost Y1,500!!! That's $15!! No way is it enough for 10 plus I will make up some fake scone topping with Mascorpone cheese and whipping cream.


  1. Here in Oz we make do with whipped cream on our scones, and very nice it is too!

  2. Was going to say the same, just use fresh cream(whipped) (nama cream) even add a bit of sugar if you want it sweeter, your tea party sounds great...

  3. Yep I third that as the 3rd aussie to post hehe! :)