Sunday, 3 July 2011

Knackered. But happy.

The Carrot Cake just after cooking.

5 am of party day I realize the cake middle isn't cooked...scooped out the center...

Zapped it in the microwave (thanks Heather!) and then got icing...

Ready for my students to arrive. Roses standing to attention.

Decorated the car to sign: English Tea Party HERE!

and you know what? I DIDN'T get a photo of the scones! 18 of the wonderful things I cooked in 4 batches since 6 am....and they were all in a basket and looked great. And I didn't take a picture!

* Okaasan went out for the afternoon: "I am shy about meeting people I don't know...", she came back and entered the house through her room window doors again... but after everyone had gone she offered to help me clear up the bombshell-struck kitchen...and Yujiro came home and we 3 washed and dried stuff together.
I am so exhausted now. But it was a success!

* But I have to share this Okaasan Gem: just as she was going out before my party started she said: "You you know what yakuza are? (Japanese word for gangsters). That big sandal that you use to hold the door open???...err...that kind of sandal is only worn by gangsters! Your guests will be shocked if they see it in the entrance hall!!! You shouldn't use it...."

This is a man's summer sandal that I bought at a very respectable Sapporo department store because my feet are too big for Japanese women's summer sandals when I occasionally wear summer kimono for festivals.

But all this time - we've been living here 2 years now - Okaasan has worried that people will think gangsters live here because of the sandal I use to prop open the door for the cats....
No wonder the poor lady has stress. 


  1. Did you check out all of the guests to see if they had all of their fingers and weren't tattooed? LOL
    Well done, glad the party was a success, maybe an annual event? Her Maj manages it with only a FEW more helpers!

  2. LOL - Was about to comment at how fabulous the cake looked when I got to the sandal bit. Poor okaasan. I hope she didn't spend the entire afternoon thinking her home would turn into a brothel or a pachinko parlor. And bloody shame on you - after all the scone work up and highly disappointed there is no pic. Next time aye.