Sunday, 17 July 2011

No Rainy Season.

"...Hokkaido lacks a rainy season and is spared most of the typhoons that ravage the rest of Japan."

(Hiking Japan website).

Hmm.. Maybe time to update the tourist blurb?

Just had 24 hours of non-stop something wet falling out of the sky. Obviously NOt rain. Not sure what.

We stayed home all day watching TV and showing eachother funny YouTube videos. There are many bad things about the Internet, but for those moments in conversation when you need a fact or a picture - wonderful -....

Look! The coach of the Swedish  women's soccer team looks like....Boris Becker!

* Look! Here is that Japanese men dance group doing their robot walks in New York.

* Look! Here is a 1930's map of Sapporo that shows our area as seriously blank countryside.

And still that wet stuff fell from the sky.
The cats kept going to the front door to look, and then came back upstairs and paced up and down.
Okaasan snoozed by the TV.

At lunchtime Yujiro checked she wanted to eat some lunch.
No....I had an upset stomach last night while I was sleeping, "toilet accident" in my pants over there - NO ! No! Don't clear it away, i'll 
do it later. I shouldn't eat any food.

So she didn't. And I made a mental note to go into her room as soon as possible and hunt down the soiled pants. Yujiro thinks they are under a newspaper by the window.

Of course it's gross that I have to go hunting for my boyfriend's mother's dirty underwear...but it is also good that she told him about this...some kind of progress on the trust levels. I guess.

We took Okaasan out in the evening to a local noodle restaurant, just to get her UP off the carpet and AWAY from the TV for an hour.

And still that stuff fell from the sky.

*  Only exciting news: I made application on the ticket agency webbsite for London Olympic tickets...on 14 different days! Only Athletics and Gymnastics. No chance at all really. But giving myself 14 chances. If ALL my applications are successful I may have to sell my soul and become a Susukino hostess to pay for it all.

I think the typeface here is very strange....I tried to copy and paste the website quote at the top and it's buggered up the whole page.
Hope it's legible.


  1. It could of course be the sky falling down... this year in Japan, it's not entirely impossible...

  2. We're having the same phenomenon here. They keep saying we have to preserve water, while simulaneously giving flood warnings.

  3. damn... the weather all over Japan is weird this year...gonna have the re-write the entire country!
    the Olympics??? wow! u go girl!

  4. Oooh, the gymnastics is good. Japan's quite good at that - presuming of course you'll go all the way back to cheer for the Japan team :)

    Has just started pissing down here - pre typhoon number 6 which looks like it will pass us for the most part. Shikoku gets the worst end of the typhoon stick - and Okinawa and Kagoshima.