Monday, 25 July 2011

A perfect weekend.

Had me a weekend.
It was perfect.

Saturday - read newspapers in bed, gardening, BBQ a deux with Yujiro, movie on TV, polite dinner with Okaasan, Tv, bed.

Sunday - made SCONES for breakfast and ate them with raspberry jam and cream, then spur-of-the-moment decision to go to Ecorinmura Gardens near Eniwa and enjoy the plants and fantastical structures in the reformed farmland created by a famous British garden designer.
What is it? (hint: South America).

 Then home via some shopping, gave Okaasan some watermelon, and had me...some more scones with jam and cream..... then met Yujiro for a free movie preview - VERY good...Ridley and Tony Scott's "Life in a Day" made up of millions of YouTube harvested videos of July 24 2010 ordinary life and people all round the world.

The tomato tree - one plant growing in water produces thousands of fruit!

I cooked and left flatfish for Okaasan's dinner. She heated it and ate it ok, but when we came home she was a bit tetchy...something about the cats were outside her windows and we were out so she didn't know what to do with them etc etc...but basically ok.

A little personal triumph - going to this big show garden park. I've wanted to go for ages, but in the past 2 years I knew I couldn't walk around it with my injuerd knee. Yesterday I did. Wore my knee supportband, but I did it. Walked and enjoyed.


  1. hint: South America so doesn't even help me. It looks like a rabbit??

    Glad you were able to walk round the whole thing- and that you had love love BBQ with the man and a nice weekend


  2. Think South American animal...think....furry, white, spits in your eyes....usually photographed with women wearing colorful hats and poncho.....?????

  3. ah ha!!! close... alpaca!!...alpaca is like a llama...but cuter...kind of like a poodle that got God on a Bad Creation day.