Monday, 22 August 2011

Fury fury fury.

Came home to this. "This" is....was...the Morning Glory plants I have been growing from seed....and when they were strong enough I trailed them up the ugly metal bars by the front door and across the mail box and on upwards...upwards....lovingly making sure each little tendril had somewhere to climb. Getting ready to see it flower in September. Did the same last year.
Morning Glory are an autumn flower here and only grow until end of September or early October.
The postman and the mailman happily used the plastic basket I put at the bottom of the planter since 3 weeks ago - letters and newspapers fitted into it nicely. I'd covered up the mailbox at first with a piece of carboard - decorated with arrows pointing down at the basket below. But 2 weeks ago the shoots were covering the box enough to make that unnecessary....deliveries were fine...
Until an hour ago.

FUCKING Okaasan ripped it out this afternoon.
Yes. In that plastic bag in the foreground are the ripped up Morning Glory tendrils.

I am so angry my blood pressure is rising just writing this. If I stop you know I've had a heart attack.
I came home from work to find a bag of greenery on the table....I thought it was something Okaasan had bought...."what's this...?"
She claims that the postman complained about not-being-able-to-use-the-mailbox...because "in Japan you can't block the mailbox"...yadda yadda yadda yadda...

I was so angry. I shouted at her. I slammed doors. Shouted some more. "This is MY house! This is MY garden! If the postman isn't happy tell ME! This is between the postoffice and ME! How dare YOU rip up MY plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Why didn't you tell ME???????Why did you just rip up the plants????"

Oh fuck it .
And then? Because I am a wonderful Oyomesan I made pork and tofu soup for family dinner, and put the shopping in the fridge etc and laid the table - and came here to my classroom to do an evening class......

But tomorrow: I am going to talk to the postman and get to the bottom of this. He usually comes about 4 pm and I am guessing Okaasan met him today.....and he said "something" about the mailbox...and SHE decided to take action in MY GARDEN.

But for 3 weeks the postman has been perfectly happy to use the basket by the plant pot. Why now did he complain? Did he complain? 

Or: and this is really a scary thought? Is this Okaasan's way of getting back at me for all the room cleaning we did in her room on Saturday? Some twisted thing about damaging MY space?

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