Monday, 29 August 2011

Just a happy story...

A "heartful" story, instead of griping and sniping.

Yesterday Yujiro and I played cupid with the Velo Taxi.

A few weeks ago I got an email from an ex-colleague saying that he was tackling the Hokkaido Marathon this year - first full marathon etc etc.
AND - at the Finish Line? Planning to PROPOSE to his longtime girlfriend!
Could we arrange for the Velo Taxi to pick them up after that and take them home?

So.....I bought cheap decorations from Daiso and Donkiote, decorated up a fan with hearts and glitter, decorated the taxi with twinkly hearts tinsel and balloons and here we are!

CONGRATULATIONS to Michiko and Dave!
Great proposal idea Dave - and thankgoodness: a) you finished the race and didn't get carted off on a stretcher and b) Michiko said "Yes".
He even had the ring in his pocket as he ran....4 hours and 45 minutes.


  1. aww, that's lovely! And I love that your friend popped a jacket and tie on over his running gear.

    - Kirsty

  2. Very sweet idea... and good luck to them both in the future. International marriages are fantastic, but also require quite a lot of hard work (which of course is more than worth it).

  3. What a legend. That's awesome Dave.

  4. It was sweet - very heartwarming really....funny to think that in years to come when this couple remember their proposal day..."that British woman I used to work with and her boyfriend and the bike taxi" will be in the story too....
    But I did have an evil thought.....a few years down the line when Michiko's mother has dementia...will Dave be washing underpants and thinking up 101 ways to use dried daikon?