Friday, 5 August 2011

Today's the day...

...I won't get tickets for the 2012 London Olympics.

After 6 pm today I can log into the Pia Ticket website and discover I got:

a) Nothing at all and I can spend all my money next summer drinking and eating with friends in the UK, who I haven't seen for years.
b) FOURTEEN bloody days of tickets for sports I've never heard of. And my credit card will explode. And I'll have no money to even get to England to see the event.

Which option will it be. My bet is on a).

Oh....and August 5th?

It's Okaasan's birthday...she is 81 years old today.

Does she know? Not sure yet. She is busy sitting watching the same weather reports on the TV Weather Data channel at the moment. Since all of Japan switched over to Digital TV recently Okaasan's TV has a few more channels...including (dangerously) TV shopping for vacumn cleaners and pearl necklaces...and the non-stop Weather Data channel. 
I am wondering how long Okaasan can sit watching the Weather Channel before she realizes she is seeing the same thing over and over and over again.

Birthday Plans: champagne with dinner tonight. Tomorrow: trip to the very nice hairsalon in town reccommended by one of my stylish, mature lady it MUST be good. After a few false starts with local hair salons that Okaasan chose herself I am hoping that THIS one will be more suitable for her.

And finally...yesterday was the annual Let's Beer Garden with one of my community center classes. Last class before the summer break and we always finish early and head down to Odori Park here in the center of Sapporo for a beer and snacks lunch together.
Yesterday I secretly arranged for 3 velotaxies to be waiting for us outside the community center and they whisked us away to the beer of the drivers looked vaguely familiar...I must have met him somewhere before...

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