Friday, 5 August 2011


I GOT tickets.

My home city London.

Olympics 2012.

TWO days!!!!

July 29 Gymnastics.
August 6 Athletics.

I'm gonna go to the Olympics.
I'm gonna go to the Olympics.
I'm gonna go to the Olympics!!

* Oh, and it was Okaasan's birthday.
We have her some pink roses and some sandles. And dinner cooked by Loving Son. And pink sparkling wine. And sang Happy Birthday.

and I'm gonna go to the Olympics!!!!! 2012 London I will be there.

My dad would love to be there with me...he would...but Dad I am going!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats! Enjoy!! I wet home to Vancouver (from Tokyo) for the 2010 winter games and loved every minute of it. I went to a couple of events, watched a bunch more in pubs, and just soaked in the atmosphere. It was absolutely amazing to see "my city" in such a way. I hope you enjoy doing the same.

  2. Yes, it was seeing Canadian friends' pix on Facebook that made me realize that just being there in the city/country would be enough...but of course...getting into the events - whatever it is - THAT will be special. Just have to try and decide who to take with me......I guess my Godson has priority....

  3. I am so jealous! There's no way I can get time off work to go, so this Wembley girl will be watching on TV. :( I am planning a tour of the stadium when I'm home this summer though.

  4. Oh!Congratulation!!!
    I'm so jealous!

  5. It's still amazing to me....I'll have to take unpaid leave to go...but it's one of those lifetime experience things you kind of have to....I'm going to try and stay in the Uk for 3 weeks....

  6. Congratulations... of course, your blatant rubbing our faces in your good fortune will get you only so far. Apparently as far as London in 2012.

    Well done, and enjoy the festivities!

  7. Wahooo - that's awesome. 2 days is perfect no? And far apart enough for you to warrant having to be away for a decent amount of time !! I love gymnastics, that would be awesome but the atmosphere in the stadium for some good Athletics would be great. Maybe you'll get to see Usain Bolt run. Wahoooo.

    Huge Yipppeeeee. You'll have a fabulous time!!