Friday, 2 September 2011


Oh - why not?

Let's throw in root canal work on the remaining 30% of my back tooth.

Two hours of root canal work on a wet windy Friday afternoon and booked up from now to Australia...and beyond spend lots of time with my dentist.

And I can't even drink some alcohol tonight to drown it all out.

Better have dinner with Yujiro and Okaasan and see if THAT cheers me up!

**  But I caught up with awful, far sadder news on Gaijin Wife's blog this troubles are tiny, little ones. Thinking of you Gaijin Wife.


  1. Honestly, you are sooooo much better off getting your tooth done now than have something happen on your holiday.

    I was in Canada 2 years ago and a tooth that had been niggling at me in Japan, suddenly decided it was party time! I spent tons of money (got most of it back, thank goodness for hubbie's insurance), but at least 3 or more hours in the dentist's chair in the middle of my holiday. WAH!

    I was miserable before that though. I couldn't drink anything hot or cold, and eating and sleeping weren't exactly fun either.

    The dental office was cool though. She had massaging chairs, TVs on the roof, sunglasses to wear when she was examining me and flavoured fluoride treatments! (Pina Colada--yum!)

  2. Ah, but root canal I hear can be more painful than childbirth. I have some waiting my NZ dentist told me last time and I am too scared to go to the dentist here.Your trip to Australia will be all the more enjoyable if you have to go through all that first :)

    Verification word is poopees


  3. Wow! I am new to reading your blog, but it definitely seems like you have a lot on your plate. Good luck with the root canal!!

  4. Dentist offices in Canada have Pina Colada flouride????
    I should move country immediatly...and take my teeth (what's left of them) with me!

    Hi Ashley - welcome to here....

    and Dear Gaijin Wife....poopees.....perfect poopees have been ok today thankyou!

  5. What is going on over there?....hopefully nothing else!
    I can only hope everything is calming down now- That real non-fluoride pina colada on the Aussie beach will be very welcome...assuming the poopees keep behaving ;-)