Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hula hoops.

Dear Son is looking for the hula solution for Okaasan.

How to ease the terrible panic about the performance days that her group does three times a year.
She can't, of course, learn the new dances and little by little gets negative about going to the class as they practice in the weeks...and months...before the performance at the community center.

We want her to continue hula as long as possible because:
a) she enjoys it and is good at it to a certain hobby level,
b) exercise is good for her
c) meeting classmates is the only social interaction she has all week apart from us.

We checked out some other community center classes and asked if THEY did performance days too....and then Yujiro talked to the current class' teacher...poor woman must be glad to hear that we'll keep Okaasan away from this Sunday's performance so she won't have to design a group performance around hiding Okaasan in the back row - she can let her ladies shine equally.

But interestingly, the teacher said Okaasan always volunteers to join the performance days - even though there is ANOTHER class member always declines and doesn't join. 
Why? Why doesn't Okaasan sit-it-out with that woman?
I guess, of course, that Okaasan doesn't want to feel she can't do it...and doesn't want to sit out the practice sessions with the other woman...but as the weeks go on and the practice gets more intense...her confidence declines and then we get into the "I don't like hula, I wanna quit hula".

Yujiro thinks to tell Okaasan directly that she can just sit out the performances with another classmate. I don't think that solves anything. 
He can say that NOW, and she'll agree NOW. But in a few months time as they start to practice for yet another performance day....she won't want to sit out of practices or admit she can't do it. 
And so it all starts again.

Ho hum. The hula hoops we go through on all of this.
Okaasan has so little going on in her life - so little that she can do and enjoy with other people - we really expend a lot of energy on this topic.

*  Okaasan Cute: I got Yujiro to write a sign for our entrance hall door for Okaasan: "Don't open the door and let the cat in or out."
We are trying to limit Popo's outside trips, so that he goes under escort case crows attack an injured animal or he gets into another fight...very hard with two cats and three doors.
We put up the notice this morning. Sometimes Okaasan "helps" by opening a door for a cat and it would be awful if Popo got out unaccompanied.

I came home and Okaasan asked: "That sign on the door, is it OK if I open the door to go out? Should I stay inside?"
Cute!!!!  She really wondered if she should never open the door? Stay home until told it is ok?
I giggled and joked with her that SHE is healthy and can go out on her own...the cat can't.

Thankgoodness the cat doesn't do hula, it would rip up his stitches something awful.
HE is making a big recovery - stitches out today and noticably angry at having to go to the vet. Last week he was all sad and panicky. Today healthily angry about it.

*...and! and....I got emails from the holiday apartments in Australia...about airport pickup etc and the bakery is open from 7 am...and ..and...YES. I am going on holiday 2 weeks from tomorrow.....yes...yes...yes....


  1. My heart goes out to Okaasan. That must be so stressful for her. She is lucky to have two people to take care of her...that isn't often the case...good luck with finding the answer to your hula pains..

  2. cant wait to hear about your vacation! your MIL... yeah we have those types of ppl at the home too... it's hard to catch them on a good day to get them to go to rehabilitation....