Monday, 19 September 2011

Rainy days and Mondays.......

Long holiday weekend in Japan...and it rains. Of course.
The weeds have taken control of key points in the garden and the flowers are holed up in safe places making angry denouncements to the world media.
The UN needs to send me in to attempt rescue. I may have to parachute in behind the petunia and do hand to hand combat.

Spent a lot of time watching videos and funny YouTube videos. Doing a major shopping run to COSTCO, going to the gym, haircut, vets etc etc etc.

The cat is ok - although the wound looks....wound-like...he is licking his wound and feeling better, yesterday he dragged home a huge, fluttery moth - I think it was 6 cm in diameter.

Meanwhile my body is obviously in need of a holiday RIGHT NOW - because I have a nasty eye inflation again....all bloodshot and gungy....recently I haven't been so healthy at all, stomach problems, eye problems, the tooth saga, a rash.....all pretty indicative I believe that I should be treating myself a lot better. By sitting on a beach with a cocktail.

Although....this doesn't look good....Typhoon No. 15 that's been hanging out over Okinawa for days now looks like it'll be heading to Narita airport in time for my 9.35 pm flight Thursday. Oh joy! And the weather forecast for Cairns is....cloudy and rainy next weekend....oh joy...

Okaasan stayed home a lot with the rain. We fed her and gave her chat around the table. Recently I notice she drops food a lot, or tries to pick up difficult things with only chopsticks. At the Couch Surfing guests dinner last week Okaasan was struggling for ages to try and push a large plate into a small cupboard - instead of tilting the plate to make it fit she went on and on pushing it against the glass door...little things are a little bit harder for her.

Family Dinner chat is ok. Yujiro can just talk and talk and Okaasan can sit and listen and make agreeing/surprising/understanding sounds.
In November he'll be away for a week and I'll be on full-time Oyomesan duties - I wonder how much Okaasan will be able to fill out conversations with me this time around? A year ago she could, if I gave her the cue words such as Kawagoe/wartime/food/crab/river/school/Korean food/New York/Africa/Hong Kong - she was usually able to be off and away on one of her hamster-wheel stories. But I wonder this year - has her conversation ability declined?

Today is Respect Old People day in Japan.....yes welll....I shall be respecting my peace of mind by putting food out on the kitchen table for Okaasan and strategically going out myself to have lunch away from her....any meal a deux with Okaasan feels like work and I avoid it if at all possible. She doesn't know what day it is today and whether I am working or not. So food on the table and a quiet exit is in order.

and...shhhh!!!! look what is growing outside the front door again!!! look! Don't think it will flower now, too late and cool in Hokkaido...but it is growing again.:-))

***  The Wonder of Blogging - this weekend I was happily on the inside of a wonderful surprise for a fellow-gaijin-woman-in-Japan blogger (aka Gaijinwife ). A feisty Kiwi lady in south Japan...who is having a hard time this year. Through Facebook I was linked in to plans by people who know her in non-blogging life - to raise some money and give her a bottle of wine and a message from us all! In the end more than 50 ? people donated over Y200,000.........a bottle of wine with a specially designed label listing all the donors and more than enough left over for airticket to New Zealand etc.
This blogging is so amazing - that people you have never met feel a close connection to you. Incredible heart-warming stuff.

I am now off to do some weeding. I may be gone some time.

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  1. It really was amazing - naughty but thank you so much! Expect to see anko-filled mystery mochi sticking out of your letter box soon. Or not :) I completely forgot it was respect for the age day today, caught up in own shit and because we had cake for Granny K yesterday instead.

    That crawler has taken off!! Hope Okaasan doesn't massacre it this time :)