Thursday, 20 October 2011

Burning pans

I've hidden the pots and pans in the kitchen.

We've come home more and more to a series of burned pans. You can smell it when you open the front door and enter the kitchen with foreboding. Sure enough: the remains of rice/soup/egg/something.....burned to the bottom of the pan.

Okaasan can't stay focused long enough on a cooking pan, can't control the up and down switch, can't....

We've been doing too much pan scraping recently. Finished off one vinegar bottle and I'm now cleaning pans with clothes washing powder.

We discussed ordering lunch in from a delivery service again. We discussed trying to get her to reheat stuff in the microwave.

We are trying Option 2 at the moment. Leaving the rice and main food on the kitchen table with a big notice about HOW to heat them in the microwave.
And I hid the frying pan and the other pans, so she can't use them. Okaasan often says that she cooks rice in a pan because she "likes it this way", but steamed rice reheated is the standard in Japan and IF only she'd use the microwave then our fingernails wouldn't be lined with grime.

Here's hoping. Okaasan isn't good at coping with new technology and of course learning new things - but the microwave is SO easy....hope, hope, hope...

She was off today to maybe the last dentist trip - took us ages to get her geed up for getting out. I did a quick room clean after she left, latest Okaasan room oddity - what IS she doing with bags and bags of scrunched up newspaper?????? They can't all be for shoes can they? 

Maybe she's going to light a fire on the living room carpet and cook rice over that....


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